Tuesday, March 30, 2010

First gameplay of Comic Jumper revealed... with words

Twisted Pixel had their two previous games, The Maw and Splosion Man, for play at PAX East. However, there were select times that representatives showed a live demo for their upcoming game, Comic Jumper, releasing on XBOX Live later this year. Captain Smiley and his sidekick Star, the aptly named anthropomorphic star on Smiley's chest, are not the comic duo they used to be as seen in the demo. They ultimately need to fight their way through their own comic book story line and "jump" into other comics to regain "star" status.

There was intense melee combat in the first stage. Each finishing blow sent an enemy flying to the background, knocking over various furniture or flying out windows. The attacks had the cliche "BAM!" "BASH!" printed effects during combat. There was also shooting gameplay that the rep compared to "Contra" and "Gunstar Heroes."

Some unique features are as Smiley takes damage, the character will look more sketch-like, extending the metaphor of Smiley's impending doom in the comic biz. For him to remain vibrant in the comics and in the game, he has to avoid dying! The game featured very stylish comic book panel segues, as action sequences changed.
There was a lot of spoken dialogue throughout the game, cheesy and fitting for a comic book game.

(Minor spoilers)
In the demo, one of the robots was used to surf down the side of the building. Smiley even did minor tricks with his hop, making the robot spin around in the air. Lastly, we saw Brad, the presumed antagonist, who has his own theme song and Bradcopter to fly around and terrorize Star and Smiley. Star happens to idolize Brad to the extent that I felt the presence of a heavy man crush. Comment below if anyone else felt the Brad/Star man love vibes.
(spoilers end)

Hopefully the positive reactions from the crowds will encourage Twisted Pixel to update their demo for E3 or a sooner press release!

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