Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bit.Trip Runner heading home

Another Gaijin Games developed Aksys published Bit.Trip game will make its WiiWare debut in April 2010 for 800 WiiPoints. I played the game briefly twice. My first time was part of a competition. Epic fail. The game is a horizontal speedfest through tons of meticulously placed death traps that require lighting fast reflexes. If you lack these, you can easily submit to what I used my second play through: a little bit of memorization. Knowing what was ahead allowed me to plan my timing better. I can't knock the game for providing this replayability factor. Having a rewind option would only sever the tension the high speed twitching the game seems to capitalize on.

I used the basic motions of jump to climb graduated steps, pits, and roadblocks. Well timed jumps were required if I wanted the gold stacks placed nearby the roadblocks. I kicked some obstacles that were too high to jump over and slid under enemies that would have been otherwise unaffected by my foot. It was an intense adrenaline experience. The colorful retro graphics that have been a staple to the Bit.Trip series seemed even more colorful this time around.

If you know who won the Bit.Trip competition at PAX, have any found Bit.Trip series memories or any trippy memories in general, comment below!

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